widely-used Android keyboard app, GO KEYBOARD, with more than 200 million users
worldwide has been recently discovered as a spyware, having access to a
multitude of information across the globe.

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Go Keyboard Spyware
Because of
Android’s limitless versatility and its endless support on application
development, complete mobile customization is as easy as a few taps and
clicks.  Almost every feature of an
Android mobile phone can be customized.
On most cases, users have chosen to customize the most frequently used
Android function, the keyboard.  Among
the pool of keyboard apps, the GO KEYBOARD, because of its simplicity and
having tons of customization features.
However, it was only discovered recently that the application has been
spying on its million users since the bloom of its popularity.
Go Keyboard Spyware


researchers from AdGuard have recently discovered that
thisGoKeyboard, developed by Chinese GOMO development team, conducts spying and
collective data snooping.  GoKeyboard was
continuously communicating with tracking networks as well as executing code
like dex files or native coding through a remote server which proves to be a
clear violation of the Developers’ Policy Center’s Malicious Behaviours
the application have openly asked for permissions like retrieve running apps,
read sensitive log data, find accounts on the device, read your contacts, read
call log, record audio, display unauthorized windows, read terms you added to
the dictionary and add words to user-defined dictionary etc.
The spyware
nature of GoKeyboard is fearsome due to the core function of the application
itself – being a keyboard.  It can
actually record everything that an Android user type like messages, passwords,
pin codes, and almost every activity a user does.  GoKeyboard has remained highly popular yet
discreet from its first launch.  We can
only imagine the amount of sensitive information it might have collected from
its users.


Google has
already been duly informed by the AdGuard researchers of the GoKeyboard’s true
nature.  As of this date, Google has yet
to make their formal statement.  As for
all Android users, it is highly recommended to immediately remove GoKeyboard
apps, regardless of what version they have, and use the default mobile
messaging app in their devices.  It is
always better to stick with what the mobile phone manufacturers provide by
default.  Customization should always be
the least priority of Android users, as compared to functionality and security.


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