It’s unboxing time again;
still it’s Joyroom® sending another handful product for us to take over and
make a statement. Let’s see what’s inside the B’box.



Introducing!!! Joyroom’s
Desktop Folded Bracket. A lot of you would have a so what eyebrows, but let’s
still give it a try for the sake of humane confusion.



Specs sheets up!
Product Name : desktop car use dual support
Applicable models : 3.0~6.3 inch mobile phone
Chuck width : 50~85mm
Function : desktop support + vehicle support
Rotation : 270 degrees, 360 degrees
Material : ABS + aluminum alloy
Speaking of phone mounts, there is no special feature
for this piece. No Data/Charging ports or even multimedia support. But hey!
They’re one premium thing; that’s for high-tech and price popping holder. This has
a different story; the aluminum alloy build will says it all.
You may use it as your common desktop and car phone
holder or can be your monopod selfie and alternative smartphone action mount.
Supports almost all kinds of 3”-6” phone/phablet size, also has a respective
motion of 360° +
270° head and body. Suction stand with clip lock for better
surface grip and aluminum alloy pole for its nature look and heavy lift.
again it’s another great piece from Joyroom. No extras, pure purpose. If you’re
planning to buy a standard phone bracket with an excellent build, you better consider
this classy craft.
Joyroom® Desktop Folded
Bracket price is at ₱399.



You may check these
special vids from LA PH for the touchdown.





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