Two new malicious apps have been discovered from Google Playstore that acts as a quasi-ransomware.  It simply locks the phone, and demands ransom from users.  This new variant is dubbed as LeakerLocker.  “Malicious programmers have learned to adapt the continuous ransomware trends, and created simple programs that pretend to be one of the crowd,” Manny Cuevas, cyber-security specialist, claimed.


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Android Ransomware
These two apps are WALLPAPERS BLUR HD and BOOSTER & CLEANER PRO.  It can only act by requesting for permission grants during installation.  After which, the app immediately locks the phone and displays a message that the user’s files have been locked and uploaded to a secure cloud, inclusive of personal photos, contact information, sms, emails and more.
A hefty ransom of fifty ($50) dollars is then demanded in order to retrieve back the user’s files.  The app also declares that failure to pay the ransom shall result in the forwarding of the malware to the user’s contacts.
Fortunately, several security researchers have discovered that the malware variant have no capability to encrypt files, nor to send the files to a cloud server.  However, it is not yet determined whether the application can send additional malware for such functions.


As of now, the most recommended advice to steer clear of these two applications, and be wary of the legitimacy of app developers and sources before installing the same.If you experienced this you can mitigate it by following this tutorial in Quickbreaknews.


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