a phone is a bit difficult decision, same as choosing the right Bae for your
one of a kind love.  From brand selection
(Local or Foreign), Design and Look (Tall, Dark, & Handsome), up to what
specs you need (Kind & Honest) to match your needs. But, kind of wondering
what exactly the things you need to consider when choosing the right phone to
sustain your demand for at least 1-3 years?

Here I
teach you the 5 things that need to be considered before buying a phone. Have
the best choice for your superb needs and make it more meaningful.

1) Advance Needs

Yes we
have basic needs on phone such as text and call. But nowadays we consider users
such as developers, photographer, gamers, and socializers that live on phones
multitasking capacity.
a user trying to install games like NBA 2K17, Asphalt Airborne under a platform
with 512MB+1GB RAM & ROM respectively? What a headache!!!!
you buy, check if this phone fits your daily activity. Are you a roomer, a Party
goer or an athlete? This will help you sort phone specs you barely need and not
or just an adding. This is an easy way to check if you and your phone are meant
to be. Right?!?

2) Specification Details

already listed your ideal superhero for at least this present time. Now it’s
time to look into reality of who is it? There are so many phone brands nowadays
that might lead you confused who’s the best. All are competitive to their
common and unique label that targeted wide range of market. Overall these still
depends on who makes you impressed and boomed you out. Factor to consider also
is how fast they change phase, considering if you’re already their product

3) User’s Impact


found the chosen one? Make a background check first before you go yes to a
deal. Checking brands compatibility and how credible it is makes your decision
an absolute perfect. Large community of these users will help you a lot at some
point such as maximizing your phones feature. Also it’ll head you up for
possible cons of it. Make their last impression be your first; it’s better to
late than regret!

4) Stores & Centers


you’re fully committed to say yes to it. It’s time to consider where to buy.
Practicality doesn’t mean you look for cheaper nor nearest. Check where is the
best purchase for it. Better if they have an online selling support that’ll
make it more convenient to you, stay home, relaxed and wait. But if you can’t
wait and want a much assured purchase, you may visit your nearest mall and have
a more handful review.
your cards, manuals and warranty. It’ll give you backgrounder of the services
you’ve possibly have for a long term usage.

5) Product Value 

to sell it soon? Better to prepare for it, apply the buy and sell cycle. This
will give you budget tor your next deal. Because technology is very fast,
depreciation to the phone is given, nothing to argue about it. But if you’re conscious
to factors prescribe above, this can be slowed. Making the most out of your
valuables must come from start to end. It’s not bad for you to consider the end
is near.
may check these special comedy vids from LA PH for another flavoring.
this guideline, it should be clear to us that it’s not about the brand or the
specs sheet. By the end of the day, it’s all about you and the reality to it.


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