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Lazada is  one of the top leading online market now in the Philippines. The company earned a revenue of 1.1 Billion in the year 2014 according to Philstar.

Now, I will teach you how to create a voucher for newly registered to get a discount of P150.00.

1. Go to Lazada website. Register new Account and Email. You may use disposable emails like Yopmail, Guerillamail etc.
Remember: For each account name = 1 voucher, so you need to register to a different account name to get a new voucher. But you can still use the same name,address,number even to a different account.
2. Once registered, go to Manage my account.
3. Then click Voucher.

Lazada Vouchers Screenshot 1

As you see, this is a voucher with a 1 month validity. So use it before it expires.

Lazada Vouchers Screenshots 2
So happy shopping! Visit Lazada

Lazada  became top leading online market based on my opinion because of its quality service and fast delivery. The reason why I love shopping in Lazada is it’s Cash on Delivery basis. It means cash payment is done once product is delivered at home and it’s absolutely FREE in Manila area.

This tutorial is a way of giving tips on how to acquire discount in Lazada in simple steps. We do not intend teaching any hacking activities.


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