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Material VPN was developed by Zyberph Developers Team.  One of the Project of the company that was launched last Oct 2016.
This app provide the most secured and reliable connection in the internet.

The cheapest yet fastest internet connection experience in the Philippines.You can bypass restriction and browse anonymously.

They are now growing faster and more clients are now satisfied for their service.
1. First download [MaterialVPN 2.01 ##download##] for Android. If shows Install blocked”
Tap  Settings> Enable Unknown Sources. Then install.
Unknown Sources Enable Screenshot
2. Check your internet settings. Go to phone>Settings> Cellular Network>
Acces Point Names (APN).
For Globe/TM Default:
Use APN settings:
Access Point Name:
No IP and Port
Globe Default Settings Screenshot
You can download our APP in [PLAYSTORE ##download##]
For Globe/TM MGC:
Use APN Settings:
Access Point Name:
PORT: 8080
Globe MGC Settings Screenshot
For TNT subscriber.
Download old app [MaterialVPN 2.0 ##download##]
Use  Default Settings:
Access Point Name: internet
No IP and Port
Smart and TNT setting screenshot
 For Smart and Sun upcoming…3. Open MaterialVPN app then select server.

select server screenshot
4. Login to your Account then
Put your User and Password:
For Free Trial Account:
User: material
User: androidcribs
Pass: zphlove
Nav Drawer screenshot
 Account Insert Screenshot

5. Select your Network

Choose Network Sceenshot


Choose Network Screenshot 2
6. Click Connect.
Click Connect screenshot
Wait until connected. Enjoy!

Speedtest for MAterialvpn Screenshot
Satisfied users and their testimony:
Testimony 1 picture 1
Testimony picture 2
Testimony 3 picture 3
If you want Premium server like Singapore and US server for cheapest price.
You can contact my fb
For more info visit our official website


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