Some weeks ago, i just read the news that UMi was going to start a beta test program for the Android N release on the UMi Plus. Their goal is to collect the most possible feedbacks and to check if there are some bugs. This way, the dev’t team will be able to address issues in the software. Also, they aim to understand what user would like to see in the next big major updae

Now, i just recently read the news that a second beta was is out, here. It addresses the aforementioned bugs and introduces a Pro-photo mode. Just like in the Marshmallow version.

UMi Plus Android 7.0 Image 1

Mind you that the beta ROM is only available for installing via Flashtool. UMi claims that experimenting with the system software of your phone may permanently brick it. This can drive to losing your warranty. Meanwhile, retailers are not obligated to deal in warranty with devices ruined by overwriting the system software by the user.

So, if you don’t have much experience in flashing, we recommend  that you wait until the OTA is out.
If you want to experience the first Nougat phone from UMi, you can purchase the UMi Plus from the e-shops below.


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