Due to the request for custom recovery I made this thread.
This steps or procedure for installing twrp recovery and rooting for Cherry Mobile Flare S4 max 

Cherry Mobile Flare S4 Max Root and TWRP Guide


Requirements:1. Desktop with Windows OS
2. USB Cable
3. [ADB Tool and driver ##download##]
4. [Cherry Mobile Flare S4 Max TWRP Recovery ##download##]

Steps / Procedure
Before you proceed:

First backup your files including contacts, messaging, apps and put in your SDCARD.

1. Turn off your Flare S4 Max
Boot into recovery, by pressing volume up and power button.
2. Use volume up to navigate and choose Recovery mode.
3. Do a Factory data reset including cache.
Make sure to place the files you’ve downloaded in one folder. You might
want to create a folder in your desktop to make it easier to access.
The first thing we are going to do is to setup the ADB driver in Windows
operating system.

” Setting up the ADB and Fastboot in Windows ”

4. Right click adb-setup.exe and choose “run as Adminstrator”.
This is recommended for newer Windows operating system especially Windows 10.
-> Press “Y” to install ADB and Fastboot then hit enter.
-> Press “Y” to install ADB system-wide.
-> Press “Y” to install Drivers.
Wait for the driver installation to finish.
You’re done.
-> Next you’re going to activate Developer mode.

5. “OEM Unlock and Developer Option”

-> Go to Settings
-> About Phone.
-> Find the Build number and tap several times to unlock Developer option.
-> Press back and open Developer option.
-> Activate OEM unlocking and USB debugging.
-> You’re done.

6. ” Installing TWRP for Cherry Mobile Flare S4 Max “

-> Extract the TWRP Recovery.
Copy the recovery.img and paste it inside adb folder, it is located in C:adb
-> Hold shift then right click somewhere inside the adb folder and “choose open window command here”.
-> Do not right click any item, you won’t be able to see the option.
-> Now turn off your Android phone.
Boot into Fastboot mode by pressing and holding Volume up and Power button.
-> When the options appeared, use the volume up to choose Fastboot mode.
-> Plug your device into the computer and go back to the command window.
-> Type fastboot oem unlock then press enter.
-> Check your phone and choose “Yes” by pressing volume down.
-> Now type fastboot flash recovery recovery.img in the command window.
-> When the process is finished, type fastboot reboot.
-> Now you have TWRP installed, let’s start rooting your Android device.

If your Flare S4
Max boot into TWRP by itself and it turn on and off simultaneously.

Please do the step below.

-> Remove the battery, sim card and memory (if you have one).
-> Place the battery again but do not include the memory and sim card.
-> Press and hold volume up and power button until you see the options,
-> press volume up and choose recovery mode by pressing volume down.
-> Tap Wipe and Format Data then Swipe.
-> Press the back button until you got into main menu.
-> Tap Backup then swipe.
-> Go back to the main menu again.
-> Now tap Restore and find the Backup file located into the phone storage.
->Reboot your phone.

” How to Root Cherry Mobile Flare S4 Max ”

-> Download SuperSu and place it into the root folder of your SDcard.
-> Turn off your Android phone.
-> Now boot into recovery mode. You already know how to do it.
-> In the TWRP recovery,
-> Tap Install and select [ ##download##].
-> Reboot your device.

Cherry Mobile Flare S4 Max United™ PH (Official Support Group)



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