How to root Meizu Mx4 and flash custom recovery

 Meizu Mx4 Screenshots

Flash clean stock firmware, do this only on android version: 4.4.2 firmware on MX4 ( 
************************************************** ************** (Android 5.0/5.1 firmwares uboot not patch) 
Get ROOT by standard method (flyme account). SuperSu NO NEEDED
Unpack on your disc (on PC) archive with firmware which you used to flash on your MX4 ( / M1 Note ( VERY IMPORTANT!!!
Place in a folder with unpacked archive (p.3) file “Meizu_Patch.exe” from folder “patcher” of your downloaded archive and open this with administrator rights.
-Theoretically, antiviruses can alarm to packer which patcher was compilated (but Dr.Web is fine) / but antiviruses recommended to be closed.
-If you are afraid about viruses and trojans, skip this step….and all the following.
If all goes well – we see a flashing green “SusseccFully Patched” in the patcher round window – continue.
If no and you see inscription “Patching Failed!”, RED – STOP – something goes wrong and if you continue – BRICK!!!
Delete from this folder 2 files: “Meizu_Patch.exe” and “uboot.img.bak”.
Create a folder with name “UNLOCK” in phone root directory (SD card)(DCIM folders, Picture, Music, data etc.) and copy in already patched loader file “uboot.img” from firmware folder from PC (where we started our patching (unpacked firmware)).
Pack this firmware (on PC) back in archive (using 7-zip/winrar) with name “” (default flyme firmwares) – could be useful.
Copy a folder “gscript” together with the contents in phone root directory (SD card).
Install “terminal emulator” on your phone from “gscript” folder.
Open terminal and write
sh /sdcard/gscript/ 
*Important!!* Wait 3 minutes for script action
Reboot your phone by command reboot . If it succesfully boot – congratulations, all right.
*WARNING!!!* All operations of modules flashing (recovery.img, boot.img etc.) doing ONLY BY STANDARD METHODS, by FASTBOOT command “fastboot flash”!! NOTHING ELSE!!
You can flash modified stock recovery from folder “patched-recovery” for MX4/M1 Note (your needs) by command: “fastboot flash recovery patched_recovery.img” and restrict the international version of firmware (in you can do all changes you want – signature will not check).
*CARE!!* If you flash index I firmware with patched recovery, USE Titanium or others to delete/freeze “System Update” from firmware. OTA UPDATE WILL BRICK YOUR DEVICE!!!
*CARE!!* Patched recovery will be rewritten on the usual stock recovery by first full android load, then after command “fastboot flash patched_recovery.img” turn off your phone and hold button “volume up” (+) and “power” before the phone starts (or delete “recovery-from-boot” as alternative).
You can flash custom recovery – and use it for your needs.
*CARE!!* DON’T try to flash stock meizu firmwares from any custom recovery, we have patched stock recovery for that.
Not allowed “strange” combinations (for example flashing not patched loader and custom recovery). If system goes to bootloop – exit from “half-brick” could be very hard, if it all possible.
Loader patch and reverse packing stock firmwares should be done everywhere – it will save your time and nerves. You should avoid version mismatch of preloader – uboot – boot.img in smartphone firmware. Effects, bugs, lags can be very different.
*IMPORTANT!!* Then, if we flash “custom firmware”, it should NOT CONTAINS “uboot.img” and “preloader.bin”. All this can be flashed only in stock (modified) firmware, ONLY FROM STOCK or PATCHED STOCK recovery.
“uboot.img” CAN’T BE flashed by fastboot!! Also not allowed doing experiments with “preloader.bin”. BRICK probability is very high!!



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