CherryMobile Flare S Play Stock Rom V05 & V06

Cherry Mobile Flare S Play Stockrom
This tutorial teach you on how to fix bootloop for Flare S Play but you need TWRP
recovery to flash this Stockrom V05 & V06.Requirements:

-Rooted Phone
-With TWRP installed
-Extract the file
-Put the file in the folder of your SD card or Internal Sd
-Inside the TWRP folder create a folder Backup or Backup you Rom In Recovery and abort to create a destination folder
-Reboot into recovery (TWRP) select restore backup from internal or sd card.wait for the process to complete.
What’s in the Rom:
Root Ready (KingRoot)
Restore Using Custom Recovery via Restore
Version 6 Rom
Download here: Click Here
Decryption Key: !wkQWKrZo58Y8ZB-BHn1RZ6pN2jJetdCdL5PLM4WusaY
After restore you might experience “unknown baseband” e.g. Invalid Imei
Try to do this method:
1. Rooted your MTK Android phone
2. Download and install Mobile Uncle Tools from Google play store.
3. Go to Engineer Mode and Select Engineer mode (MTK)
4. Go to Connectivity Tab and Select CDS information
5. Select Radio Information after that Select Phone1 (for the first IMEI)
6. At the top there is a command line which begins “AT+” just type there “AT +EGMR=1,7,”IMEI_1? (Put your first IMEI number number)
7. Hit send command and you will / may get a confirmation that “sent to mSend”.
8. Now go back and select “Phone2? (for the second IMEI number)
9. At the top there is a command line which begins “AT+” just type there “AT +EGMR=1,10,”IMEI_2? (Put your second IMEI number)
10. Reboot your phone and check you IMEI number (Dial *#06#).
Special thanks:


Lord Alzer Tinampay Casiño

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