How to root Cloudfone Spotify Edition Lite and flash TWRP recovery


Another new phone released by Cloudfone with cheap price too. I will teach you how to root and flash custom recovery to your Cloudfone Spotify Lite. This will help you to backup your phone, tweaks and customize it with your prefer themes and designs.
Cloudfone Spotify Edition Lite Rooting and Recovery
Rooting can void your warranty!
1. Download and Install latest Kingroot

2. Open your data connection or internet
3.  Click Root then wait to finish
4. Reboot your phone.
5. Enjoy!
To verified if rooted successfully. Just download Rootchecker in Playstore.

II- Flashing TWRP recovery
Flashify or Rashr tools (download in Playstore)1. Download twrp(recovery.img)
2. Install Rashr tools or Flashify
3. Flash via recovery
4. Reboot.

Rafael Broas

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  1. Can I request custom ROM? please… I like to install cyanogen mod rom or PAC man Rom to my phone but I can't find some custom ROM that compatible to my device..
    I hope you can give me one custom ROM thanks a Lot

  2. Hi is the twrp root, base on kingroots rooting codes or its diff?

    I find kingroot to be weak, can only install / uninstall system files. Cant use gamecheat nor gamekiller, even titanium backup says its not guaranteed to work with it. (Titanium works btw, only gamekiller and gamecheat does not)

    Not to mention that kingroot can send private info to their servers. Tried to disable it in accesibility but it still on. Theres a forum about it. Forgot the link.

    That leaves me with my first question, is the twrp same as the kingroot files? Or its diff?

    Can u provide a youtube video on the twrp with showing rootcheck, for the spotify users.😊

  3. TWRP is custom recovery which you can backup, restore, and flash any roms, tweaks and etc. Kingroots is an app to root your device so it's a big difference between TWRP and Kingroot.

    • after I hard-reset my cloudfone spotify, it could not access internet even though it is connected to internet. it couldn't read any external memory also. what can i do? i can not use google playstore or copy any app because there is no internet access?

  4. Who are you? Sorry but I didn't even know you @clarenz. This twrp as far as I know was ported by Rafael Broas and I'm the one also requesting this to port twrp to him.

  5. After ko ma install via fastboot yung recovery hindi na ako makapunta ng recovery ulit white na palagi.


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