How to root Myphone My32 / My32L and install Custom Recovery

Myphone My32 Root

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This tutorial teach you on how to root Myphone My32 using updated Kingroot which can root even Android 5.1 or Lollipop version.
1. Download and Install KINGROOT4.8.0.APK
2. Open Kingroot and click Optimize Now
kingroot picture

3. Wait to finish and click continue.
4. You can uninstall now other apps like Purify.
5. Download Rootchecker in Playstore to verify.

Rooting Success for Myphone My32

Installing Custom Recovery
Rashr tools
TWRP (rename to recovery.img)

1. Download Rashr Tool
2. Boot into Recovery
3. Locate recovery.img the flash!

Yuweng for TWRP

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  1. Hello. I tried to access recovery mode on my android phone Myphone My32. In recovery mode, it says "No Command". How do we fix this? Thanks!

  2. I've installed the TWRP Recovery on MY32L. It seems that it is not a stable version. I cannot install .zip files nor .img files on it. It can't even mount the internal storage.

  3. Works fine for me, no problem on flashing zip files, make backup and changing recovery theme.
    Only the reboot it stuck like hell, i have to hard reboot in order to reboot in system

    • Edit:
      All power/reboot options is working fine now.
      Newly Discovered Bugs:
      Battery always stays at 50%

      BTW: My root app is Chainfire SuperSU, try changing kingroot into SuperSU maybe it'll work for you just like mine. Tested on my|phone my32

      Sorry for my bad english 🙂

  4. Kindly upload a custom rom and kernel for my32l???That would be great….Thanks for making this page…I'll wait for your response….KEEP IT UP!!!!:D

  5. Hello, Kindly upload a custom rom and custom kernel of my32l?? That would be great!!!!Thanms for making this page!!!I'll wait for your response…KEEP IT UP!!!!:D

  6. I was really expecting that the next custom rom that youre going to release is for my32l…BUT…I was wrong…..I was really disappointed….I always visit this page to check if there's a new update about the custom rom that i requested every 30 mins(literally)…coz I am very excited coz I thought that u have read my comment/ message….urghhhh…..😢😢😢😢

  7. @berserker is not easy to port rom without the device. Our team is not supporting my32L as of now. Maybe later on or just donate your device with us.


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