How to root Flare S4 lite and install Custom Recovery
This tutorial teach you on how to root and Flash TWRP recovery for Flare S4 Lite.  
You can use Rashr tools or Mobile uncle tools to flash. Once you have TWRP you can backup your file and can flash any ROM you want. Just follow our instruction carefully!
Cherry Mobile Flare S4 lite Root

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Flare S4 Lite


This tutorial teach you on how to root CherryMobile Flare S4 lite using updated Kingroot which can root even Android 5.1 or Lollipop version.
1. Download and Install KINGROOT4.8.0.APK
2. Open Kingroot and click Optimize Now

3. Wait to finish and click continue.
4. You can uninstall now other apps like Purify.
5. Download Rootchecker in Playstore to verify.

Rooting Success
Installing Custom Recovery

Rename TWRP Recovery to recovery.img

1. First Back up your IMEI. Follow this procedure on How to backup IMEI.
2. Open Rashr Tools
3. Tap Recovery from storage
4. Tap recovery.img
5. Then wait! Reboot! Enjoy!

James Lee

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    • Thanks..Try now custom recovery already posted then feedback if works..thanks

  1. In cwm i cannot reset. Cwm reset success but if you reboot nothing change not reset

  2. Cant factory reset in cwm, In philz i cant back up always backing up recovery.img

  3. May i ask for cherry mobile s4 lite stock rom? got hard bricked and need to flash all files

  4. If anyone has the preloader, it would greatly help! My Cherry Mobile S4 Lite just got hard bricked and won't power on.

  5. Hello sir pls fix it says no files found on CWM And TWRP
    When I try to install a zip file
    Pls help! ASAP

  6. Sir pls fix my problem. When I try to install a zip file from TWRP or CWM I keep seeing no files found pls fix this ASAP!

  7. cherry mobile s4 mini stock rom plsss , your phone is damaged, wireless update is disabled

  8. Can you please help me restore my imei. I lost it after I installed twrp. I backed up my imei using mobile uncle but sadly it won't restore it. I've tried other methods but still nothing works. Now I think I have to flash a flashable stock ROM. One more thing mtk droid tools can't recognize my flare s4 lite.Please help. Thanks

    • pls help i need stock firmware of flare s4 lite…
      tried many stock roms always brom error dram enable failed 4032… pls thanks


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