Tutorial How to Root MyPhone My28 and Install Miui Recovery

Myphone My28 Root


1. Go to browser and download KINGROOT at
2. Afrer downloading install the downloaded file and run KINGROOT
3. Open the app ang click ROOT and wait untill it finishes
4. You have successfully rooted MyPhone MY28 🙂

Note: If the latest version doesn’t root your phone TRY THE OTHER VERSION.

 How To Flash MIUI  Recovery Via Flashify


1. Download FLASHIFY and MIUI RECOVERY on files
2. Open flashify and click Flash
3. Find and choose the downloaded recovery
4. Install the recovery! and wait untill it finishes
5. You have successfully installed MIUIRecovery
Note: THE NAME OF RECOVERY MUST BE recovery.img 
Rafael Broas (For porting the Miui Recovery)
Myphone MY28 (OFFICIAL)



  1. Dude do you have a stock rom for my28? cant use my phone stuck on welcome screen.

  2. dude do you have a tutorial to fix stuck on welcome screen? can't use my phone.

  3. this is for what use sir? for back up po ba? why do we need to HAVE miui recovery?

  4. what is your objective in suggesting the MIUI recovery? is that really needed?


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