How to fix bootloop/hardbrick CherryMobile Omega HD3  [PAC]

CM OMEGA HD3 Preview

* I’m not responsible for any damages will be held! Do at your own risk!
* Rooted system on .PAC file
* Follow instructions!
* This will delete your installed user apps!

* Bootloop
* Recovery loop
* Stuck at logo
* Black screen
* Hardbrick / Softbrick

Part One: Installing drivers

1. Extract the driver file.
2. Run dpinst.exe . Note that “x86” folder is for 32-bit computer while “amd64” is for 64-bit computer
3. We have to verify if the driver is installed, right-click on My Computer(WinXP)/Computer(Win7)/This PC(Win8) then Manage>Device Manager
4. Turn off your phone and remove the battery then insert back the battery again.
5. We have to first detect the phone to PC if its driver is working. Plug in the micro USB cord to your phone first but don’t connect the USB cord to PC itself.
6. Timing is important! Hold volume down then immediately plug in the USB cord to your PC.
7. A poped-up notification appear to show if the drivers are successfully installed.
8. You may now remove the USB cord to the PC if success but don’t remove yet the micro USB cord to your phone.
9. Now, we are ready to use Research Download!

Part Two: Using Upgrade Download

1. Extract Resarch Download file
2. Extract your downloaded stock ROM file
3. Run ResearchDownload.exe
4. Click the first gear button. This will open up a browse menu. Use this to locate your .PAC file then click “Open” button.
5. Once the PAC file is loaded click play button .
6.Connect your Omega HD3 (while holding volume down)
7.You should see in research download that it has started flashing! (you can let go of the volume key now). When it is finished just press the stop button and disconnect your phone!

* After the first boot of your phone, your current internal storage is xxxGB. Before doing anything else like rooting, installing or flashing recoveries, go to Settings>Factory data reset>Factory data reset then tap Reset Phone then tap Erase everything. Your phone will reboot to recovery. Wait for erasing and it reboot automatically. After that, your internal storage restore to its default size



Spreadtrum Drivers 

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Special thanks:
Rafael Broas for all this files

*Rafael A. Broas
*Vhin Cantalejo
*Dranreb Alcantara
*Mito A260

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  1. cant load .pac file, eroor says "configure dangerous:have not selevted nv file to download.

  2. cant load pac file this doesnt work at all, triend to follow steps but still got erron on liading pac file

    • boss, bkt ang nakalagay UpgradeDownload.exe? hindi ResearchDownload.exe? ok lang po ba yun?

  3. kng nag error sa pag lad ng file try niyo sa ibang version ng upgrade tool, r2.9005 yan ang laging gamit ko pra ma-edit niyo ang files bago kayo mag flash


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