[ROM]Mystic Fuze V6 For CM FUZE for v5-v6

Mysticv6 Scrrenshot 1


Mysticv6 Scrrenshot 2


Mysticv6 Scrrenshot 3


Mysticv6 Scrrenshot 4


Mysticv6 Scrrenshot 5


Mysticv6 Scrrenshot 6


Added Dolby Atmos
Removed some features from v5 which were not working
New navigation bar
Fixed contact, calendar sync
Removed tast manager
New logo in settings
Time in state option in settings
Ad blocker settings
CM 12 launcher
New setup wizard
New google play services
New Dialog boxes
Removed Framework animations
CM12.1 Sounds
Fixed recent panel bug
Fixed ss bug
Fixed ram usase
All other bugs fixed
Note: Reflash any bootlogo
i forgot to change it..xD ahaha 

ROM link: Click Here
Installation Procedure
-download the rom
-back up your important files
-boot to recovery
-wipe/factory reset/cache
-go to your rom’s folder
thanks to:
Raj Shekhar
Dhenz Aquino


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