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Ported by Cherub Estalani
Main Rom Feature :
UI Themes (Over 15,000 themes)
XXL Text
Enhanced Speed and Power
Child Mode and Baby Album
Four SystemUI’s At Launch (Rosé Pink Blush, Ocean Breeze and High Life.)
Background Data Restriction
Lesser Battery Consumption than MIUI6
Data Saver
Cleaner powered by Clean Master
Better Camera focus
Added Feature:
Init.d Supported
insecured Boot.img
Added Pach-shit tweak to boost overall performance
Busybox Installed
Dual Sim Control
SdCard as default storage
5.10.22 Changelog
[File Explorer]
You can now create private folders in File Explorer
Pull down to enable this feature.
Added cleaning animation effect in Cleaner
Added unused apps cleaning notification
You can now ‘Doodle’ on your photos
All-new Alarm designed for Mi Pad
Known Issues:
Icons in Launcher are overlapping (Please see below instructions on how to fix this)
OTG not yet tested paki test na lang.
Please read before proceeding:
(Warning! Warning! Warning! Flash at your own risk. Maximum Team will not held liable to any broken device that may occur after flashing this rom. Although the rom is fully tested to work on our device, we the Maximum team strongly adviced that you create a full NANDROID backup first of your current rom before proceeding the installation. This rom is for free of use, anyone who distribute this rom for the purpose of selling it will be executed via firing squad xD )
Custom Recovery Installed (Philz, TWRP, CWM, CTR)
Basic Flashing Ninjutso
Functional Brain (very important)
Instruction on how to install rom:
1. Reboot to recovery by pressing power botton+volume up all at the same time at power off state. Or restart phone then press volume up and just wait until recovery appears.
2. Wipe data, cache and dalvik ( Important )
3. Go to install zip from SDCARD and locate and hit YES to proceed flashing rom.
4. After installation is complete, reboot your phone and Wollah! You are now running MIUI7 PRO 5.10.22 build.
Note: First boot should last of up to 5 minutes. If device won’t boot after 5-8 minutes. Your device may be on bootloop state. If this occur, the file you downloaded may have been corrupted due to downloading on a very unstable connection. Just re-download the whole rom and flash it again. Make sure you have a stable connection to ensure that the rom you downloaded is good.
After first boot instruction on how to fix icon overlapping on lower homescreen:
1. Launch WSM tools, and install XposedBridge.jar. First attempt will fail. Go to Security app>Permission>Root Access and enable/allow WSM TOOLS to gain root access.
2 Go back to WSM Tools and re-attempt on installing XposedBridge.jar. A promt will appear telling you to reboot your device in order for the changes to take effect. Don’t reboot yet. Go to Modules and Enable “APP SETTINGS” then you reboot.
3. After boot, go to app settings and search for Home (Launcher) hit com.miui.home. Enable it to allow changes on the apps DPI.
4. Set DPI to 195 and Screen (DP) to 600×1024 and then hit save. Daddah! Overlapping fixed.
5. Optional: You can also change your launchers font scale to whatever size your prefer. Just hit save after each changes you made.
Rom Link: Click Here
V6/V8 Patch: Click Here
Note: Delete/Uninstall App setting module first before flashing this patch:
Update Patch (Launcher fix) : Click Here
Maximum Team
Danilo Sarmiento Caballero
Lenovo A360 Dev Team (ROM SOURCE)
Jonacx D Great
XDA Forum



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