How to remove Alarm Controller Virus

Another new form of virus today that affect thousands of Android users everyday. According to one of  infected user they slow down their smartphone until the phone crashed due to the ads that appear automatically and  RAM consumed by this virus. When the RAM (Random Access Memory)  exceed the limit it can slow down your phone all the application crashes and even cause of bootloop and the worst thing can hardbrick your device.
 Alarm Controller Virus

One of this reason mainly to automatically download infected apps and even for his own purposes just to earn money from ads which the code was implemented and binded this malware.
This is similarly to Ghost Push malware which I already posted here in my blog. You can read about this here.

Here are my solution on how to remove this Alarm Controller Virus:
Once you notice in application manager or Go to settings/App that this malware installed, you need to stop it temporarily installing unwanted apps but not totally remove this virus. It can’t uninstall easily even in factory reset.


 Go to settings > Security>uncheck Unknown sources



This time will also prevent installing application from other source.
unknown sources off


Go to settings > Security> Slide On App permissions.
permmision off

This method can prevent unstalling unwanted apps. The best way to remove this virus totally is to flash stock rom kindly check your phone here for available stockrom or firmware then follow on how to flash via SPFT here.


  1. Guys i am facing this problem too but know i have a solution…
    Download Three Application on google play store and install it…
    its completilly remove the alaram controller ..
    1. Quick heal mobile
    2. Cm Security
    3. Stubborn Trojan killer


    • Hi, thankyou so much, stubborn has done the job. God bless


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