[TUT] How to fix Bootloop/Deadboot of Lenovo A7000 plus

Fix Bootloop in Lenovo A7000 plus

Download all and extract:

1. Make sure you have enough Battery atleast 60% and above.
2. Download and extract LenovoUsbDriver_1.0.14.rar then install AIO_LenovoUsbDriver_autorun_1.0.14.exe in PC

3. Download and extract SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1516.00.rar and open folder then click flash_tool.exe
SPFT Setup 1
4. Run Flash_tool.exe, press the button Scatter-loading MT6752_Android_scatter.txt and select the folder with the firmware.
5. Be sure to put a check DA DL All With Check Sum in the menu OptionsOptions-Download.
6. Arrange the Firmware-Upgrade instead of the Download Only.
7. Push the button Download. 
8. Connect the phone while in off. 
9. If everything is correct, the “runners” color bars  and the status of the green circle appear in  a couple of minutes, to indicate the success of the operation.
10. Enjoy!.

Nigel Esteves
Lenovo A7000 plus Group


  1. I have done this and It successfully done it with the green check. but when I power on my phone, still only vibrate.. no logo. please help

  2. it's not your fault, its our fault that followed your shitty how to…
    How to do factoryu reset? we are in the loop due to a flashed recovery.img
    then come here in order to finish the loop

    could you provide a correct recovery for the Lenovo A7000+

  3. Tested this on my bootloop lenovo a7000 plus and it works!!! Just make sure to use the latest SPFT and run it as admin (if win 10, enable compatability mode win7), once again, thanks for the article!!!

  4. Tested on my device, works perfectly…. used the latest SPFT and was running on it as admin…
    Thanks for providing a helpful article!! =))

      • After flashing every thing is fine but my lenovo a7000 plus is not make a call even incoming is also not working how i fix it?

  5. very very very very very very very helpfull my friend.
    you are the best.
    my problem solved now.
    thanks very much 😀 😀 😀

  6. my lenovo a7000-a on and off repeatedly i cant connect it in spft what is the beeter solution reguarding of this and what app i will be using to fix it.. thanks in advance

  7. HEY !! EVERYONE !!! If after you do it then your phone only vibrate and no logo. You must download lastest SP Flash Tool From…

    Sorry for my english but I want to help you. It work for me.

  8. remove the battery then directly plug in your device and re-insert your battery, when you saw the lenovo logo, you can now flash it again with the regular flashing. That should work after you've flashed it, 'cause mine worked.

  9. Sir! need help! may i ask if the download for lenovo firmware took 2-3 days? because im shocked even my wifi is fast but is says that the download for it is limited? need help guys :/

  10. Can i ask you a question? I just buy this a7000-a which means i got a 8gb internal. But what i got is 16gb i don't know my device is an a7000 or a7000+, can anyone help me with this? Because im afraid of bootloop

  11. hello admin.. when i buy a7000plus my phone android s155.. can i flash oldest s144?

  12. @reeza yes you can flash make sure you have backup if anything happen to your device.

    • After flashed my device, then switch on, its only vibrate and no logo at all! so i fleshed it again with "DA DL all with checksum" then i switched on my device, and now its only blank white screen! please help me, how to fix this case

  13. After flashed my device, then switch on, its only vibrate and no logo at all! so i fleshed it again with "DA DL all with checksum" then i switched on my device, and now its only blank white screen! please help me, how to fix this case

  14. experiencing the same concern, after several flashes of firmware still on vibrate, now its already on dead boot no vibrate or flash of screen at all can someone help me? i owned lenovo a7000a

      • Mamm/Sir, ngayon palang ako mag pa-flash, I just wondering kung 100% na sure to? vibrate and still no logo lang kasi yung lenovo a7000 a ko.

  15. sir leo my lenovo doesn't charging anymore. even the red light on top was not appearing

  16. how can i fix my lenovo a7000 plus my problem is i cant go on my phone its stock up in the middle of the logo how can i fix it help me please

  17. Hi,
    also had deadboot with black screen and only vibrating. Stay calm, you can fix it. As mentioned before:
    Make sure you have appropriate USB driver (I had the LenovoUSBdriver), get the LATEST Smart Phone Flash Tool (check their homepage), run it as admin (! right-click "run as admin"), I had the "Lenovo_A7000_A_Plus_USR_S308_1606181541_V2.39_ROW".

    This should work, all the best, good luck


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