[TUT] How to do a full system back-up, root and install SuperSU instead of KingUser


(Note: KingRoot is different from KingUser. KingUser will appear after you’ve successfully rooted your phone using KingRoot. Once finished rooting, you can uninstall KingRoot right away and also uninstall that weird Chinese app with a Trident logo. Leave KingUser alone for the time being.)
[TUT] How to root,backup and install Super Su in Alcatel Flash Plus Main Picture
Step1: Root using KingRoot One-click ROOT! By the way you need to be online for this.
Step2: Install Rashr
Step3: Download TWRP
Step4: Flash the TWRP file using Rashr (select recovery img option and locate the afp_CWM_recovery.img from your phone)
Step5: Turn off your phone, turn ON your phone in recovery mode (using volume Up + power)
Step6: Navigate using side buttons, look for ‘back up’ to sdcard1 and back-up your phone (requires at least 2.5-3GB free space)
Step7: Once back-up is finished, boot/open your phone again
Step8: Download SuperSu and save to your sdcard1
Step9: Unroot KingUser (go to KingUser settings and remove root access)
Step10: Open your phone in recovery mode again (volume up + power)
Step11: Flash the zip file from recovery mode: that is saved somewhere in your sdcard1
Step12: Let the magic begin. Once finished boot your phone again and you’ll see SuperSU has replaced the malicious KingUser
Credits :
AFP Group


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