How to remove adobe air and measure in android phone


This another unwanted apps that installed in android phone like monkey test and time service provider. It’s very annoying it can cause lag and shutdown of your phone. It always appear like “adobe air has stopped working”. As you noticed in your installed apps adobe air and measure was installed automatically. Even uninstall or factory reset it always came back after rebooting. This is 100% malware  family of monkey test and time service. This was experienced mostly in Android Kitkat version from 4.4.2 to 4.4.4.
[TUT] How to remove adobe air and measure in android phone


However, this can be prevented by means of flashing custom rom nor flashing the original firmware and stock rom. To flash custom rom make sure you have already backup in case you are bootloop in the procedure. First you need to clean your phone by formatting sdcard then wipe all in custom recovery then flash your desire custom rom that available in your phone .You can proceed here for your phone. If you want to flash your original firmware proceed here. Another way to freeze it using third party apps you can proceed here.
Once the malware gone, find out when and where does the malware appear?. To prevent it make sure to download apps in trusted website only.  Go to settings > Security>uncheck Unknown sources
This time will also prevent installing application from other source.
 Unknown Source Activate Preview 1
Go to settings > Security> Slide On App permissions.
Add Permissions Preview 1


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