[TUT] How to fix  bootloop Alcatel Flash Plus  and Flash using SPFT
[TUT] How to fix bootloop Alcatel Flash Plus and Flash using SPFT Main Picture
Requirements :
Download and Extract all:
  • Brain and Patience
  • PC and USB Chord.
*Step by Step tutorial for fixing AOFP*
  1. Ready your cable and phone. Phone must be turned off. Insert cable to PC.
  2. Extract the Files for SPFlashtool (full stock firmware)
  3. Extract the SPFlashtool
  4. Extract the downloaded Driver and Install. To install. Go to device manager > Plugin your phone > Wait for the device to pop up >quickly right click and update driver software > browse my computer and locate where you extracted the driver folder. After installing, unplug phone again.
  5. Open SPFlashtool then select Scatter Loading then locate the scatter file located in Files for SPFlashtool (Full Stock Firmware).
  6. Choose Firmware Upgrade then click Download and plug in your Phone.
  7. Wait untill its finished flashing. If success, there must be a Green Check Popped Up on SPFlashtool.
  8. Reboot and Enjoy. 🙂 (y)


***UPDATE*** For those who wants to update there firmware from 15.05.13 to 15.07.14. Flash this zip file in TWRP Recovery.
Credits to:
Justin Alegro
AFP2 Group
AOFP (Indonesia)


  1. I bought my alcatel flash plus may 02, 2016 and i've notice the signal receiver is weak. Sir, if i update my AFP kitkat version to lollipop it can fix the weak signal of getting 3g or 4g?

  2. the updated version can fix the weak signal receiving of 3g and 4g? i've notice my alcatel flash plus is weak in geeting 3g and 4g compare to my me vibe i used the phones in same area but the afp has only 2g.


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