How to root and Install Dual Recovery in Sony Xperia Z2
Rooting And Install Dual Recovery For Sony Xoeria Z2 Picture

How to root Xperia Z2


1. Setup adb including PATH (search how-to or see this tutorial)
!! These tools don’t contain adb, so you have to setup adb, its PATH and adb driver !!
You will use adb after rooting, so you should setup it now.
DO NOT mirror rootkitXperia with adb.exe.

2. Enable USB debugging and Unknown Sources on your device. To activate Developer option Go to Settings and tap 7 times build number. Then Slide on USB DEBUGGING in DEVELOPER OPTION in the Settings.

3. Download and extract

4. Run install.bat and follow the instructions on the cmd.
If your device reboot and cmd says “完了しました” or “— all finished —“, rooting is done.

This rooting works in the Xperia Version Below
・Xperia Z2 17.1.2.A.0.314
・Xperia Z1 14.4.A.0.108
・Xperia Z1 Compact 14.4.A.0.108
・Xperia Z C6603 10.5.A.0.233
・Xperia T2 Ultra 19.1.A.0.473
・Xperia SP 12.1.A.1.205

・Xperia acro HD SO-03D 6.1.F.0.128
・Xperia GX SO-04D 9.1.C.1.103
・Xperia SX SO-05D 9.1.C.1.103
・Xperia AX SO-01E 9.1.C.1.103
・Xperia VL SOL21 9.1.D.0.401
・Xperia Z SO-02E 10.3.1.B.1.1
・Xperia Z1 SO-01F 14.3.B.0.288
・Xperia Z1 SOL23 14.1.C.3.95
・Xperia Z1 f SO-02F 14.1.H.1.281
・Xperia Z1 f SO-02F 14.3.B.0.288
・Xperia Z Ultra SOL24 14.1.K.3.95
・Xperia Z2 SO-03F 17.1.1.B.2.73
・Xperia ZL2 SOL25 17.1.1.C.1.64
・Xperia A2 SO-04F 14.3.B.0.279

How to Install Dual Recovery

1. Make sure you have USB debugging turned ON.

2. Download

unpack at C: or somewhere you will remember!
navigate to the resulting directory and look for install.bat, double click it to run;

unpack in your home folder with ‘unzip’
navigate to the resulting directory and ‘chmod +x’, then execute it, follow instructions.

3. Your phone WILL reboot when installation has completed and it will go into the default recovery for the first boot.

4. Reboot to system from recovery to allow the installer to clean up after installation (it is safe to skip this step).

5. Enjoy DUAL RECOVERY! You can Backup now!

To go to Custom Recovery Just Reboot your phone Press and Hold Volume up or Volume down and Power Button

Androplus for rooting
Nut for dual recovery


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