How to root and custom recovery for My phone 23 Main Picture

How to Root your My23


Using your My231. Download Kingroot4.1
2. Open the app. Tap the Green Circle Button.
3. Wait until the progress finishes up to 100 %.
4. If rooting is successful, restart your phone.
5. Look for Kinguser app on your app drawer. To check if you are succesfully rooted, install Root Checker app.


1. Rooting voids Warranty. Once you have rooted and modified the My23 system folder, your Warranty is void, means you no longer avail Warranty services for programming and hardware issues.
2. We are not liable for booting issues when you are trying to root your phone. But the fact is there is no possibility of bootloop for just rooting.

[Guide] How to flash recovery.img (Temporary Recovery)



  1.  Modded recovery.img
  2.  Philz recovery.img
  3.  Flashify
  4.  Rooted

Procedure: recovery.img to sdcard..  
 takenote: sa labas ng sdcard po ilalagay ok?  
2.install rashr or flashify open then  
-click recovery from storage (hanapin niyo yung recovery.img)
click yes
3.wait mo lang mapupunta sa reboot to recovery
pag nasa android na nakahiga kana?
Hold mo Volume Up (+) ng mga 3 seconds
4.Then mapupunta ka sa Stock Recovery
Choose mo yung Apply update from external storage 
Hanapin mo yung
Dapat po nakalagay din sa labas ng sdcard (pero try niyo rin kung nakalagay sa folder)

Done!! may Temporary recovery kana..?

ngayon? dapat mo malaman pano ba ito gamitin…>??

How To Use:
Volume Up or Down : ito yung gagamitin natin na pang Move 
Power Button : ito naman yung gagamitin natin para Pumili

May Bug po ito eh..? di ko naman na masasabi na bug talaga kase gumagana naman siya ng maayos sabihin nalang natin na delay pag minomove mo siya? 

pag mag pepress ka ng volume ng isang beses hindi diba gumagalaw yung highlights? Pero ang totoo nag move na siya.hindi gumalaw ang highlights.
-nung una rin nalilito ako pero practice lang masasanay din kayo

Credits to:
 -Klark Luis Fajardo Peralta
-Jhoc Echavez
-jheif rodriguez ng Skk Lynx


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