MIUI V7 5.8.14 (BETA) for CM COSMOS ONE 1


MIUI V7 5.8.14 (BETA) for CM COSMOS ONE 2
Chinese Apps Still Present (Sol:) Freeze them using Titanium Backup or Root Freezer
bug list will be updated accordingly
Overview of New features:Improved CameraWhite Gallery, Facial RecognitionParental ControlsRefreshed Initial Device SetupSome Android 5 transitionsNew Stock Wallpapers & ThemesMore intuitive One Handed ModeImproved Notif Bar Icons ActivitiesImproved SettingsAnd much more to explore!
Included Custom Features:Xposed Installer, Greenify, ScreenFilter, Viper for Android and more!
MTP[Media Transfer Protocol]working
Swapped Storage[SDCard as Default Storage,much better since MIUI really doesn’t have native Apps to SD function]
Enabling 3G on SIM 2
1. Open the provided DualSIM Control App[Paid] and go to Data Connection tab2. Press on “Set SIM 2 as 3G”it’ll now set your SIM 2 in “WCDMA Preferred” mode .Enjoy 3G on SIM
2. If you want to set as “WCDMA Only” mode ,follow step 3,4&5
3.go to settings/about phone and tap 4 or 5 times on Internal Memory , it’ll lead you to testing mode
4.From Testing , press Phone information25.You’ll see “WCDMA Preferred” press it and change it to “WCDMA Only” 
5. Or just type on Dialer *#*#3646633#*#*, it will lead you to Engineering Mode. Go to Telephony>Network Selecting and choose WCDMA only.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I M P O R T A N T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Familiarize yourself to Android terms and processes before doing this, be sure you’re aware of the consequences of doing modifications to your device, i will not be held responsible if anything bad happens to it. 
The How,The “Tricky” part;
  • Make sure your device has at least 30% batt. if not, just do this flashing process while charging.
  • Make a backup of your current rom via your preferred recovery[DON’T ask me how, this is basic]
  • Prepare the ROM file. Just save it at your SD card Directory
  • Go to Recovery Mode, recoveries by volume up+ power or using Rashr or Uncle Tool
  • Completely wipe everything: Factory Reset,cache,dalvik cache
  • Go back or Choose zip from sdcard then tap/press yes to flash the ROM
  • Wait for the process to complete(This will take 10+mins flashing, so dont worry like i did haha.
  • Reboot device
  • Be patient,it will take time to reboot into the Initial Setup and voila! Enjoy MIUI 7!
REMINDER! Please make sure to back your NVRAM folder or IMEI before Flashing this one!

How to backup your imei [CLICKHERE]
Flash it with your own RISK!!!
I am not responsible for any damage or soft/hard brick will happened to your device!

ROM Link:

Nameless Porting Team
Glenn Canete Sandig
Paul Albert Horfilla
Victor Concepcion III
Marc Rodel Fernandez
Aysus Wenceslao
Xiaomi MIUI
MIUI Updates Group
Cosmos One Group
and to others did’nt mentioned.
God Bless Us All


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