I found out this trending topic about android phones. This affects 70% of the users now a days and its a serious problem. This unwanted and annoying app is always shown in the recent apps. Basically, it cannot be remove easily even on factory reset or uninstall in the setting. According to Norton, this is a malware that can consume enough space and drain your battery. Also, automatically install unwanted application without permission. As I mentioned before in my related post that I found out after extracting using APK Editor. I’ve noticed one of their code used “session id” it means it has access in your internet that’s why it can install unnecessary app when you are connected to the internet. I don’t know their main purpose but one thing is for sure it is like the other free apps with ads asking  to install their apps. I thought this malware possibly wants to earn money from their ads or maybe trying to access your account and information for their own purpose. So, do not ignore this and remove this malware as soon as possible.
Although complicated, the best way to remove this is format your phone and flash again your firmware or Stock Rom. For alternative way ,you need Titanium Backup Pro to freeze this malware to prevent from installing unwanted application.

Titanium Back Up Pro

1. Install Titanium Back Up Pro. Tap Backup/Restore. Then Tap MonkeyTest and TimeService.

remove Monkey test and Time Service Provider

Tap Freeze.

remove Monkey test and Time Service Provider Preview 1


remove Monkey test and Time Service Provider Preview 2

That’s it! Now Titanium Backup will freeze the malware to install unwanted application.

2. Go to settings > Security>uncheck Unknown sources
This time will also prevent installing application from other source.

Unknown Sources Preview 1
3. Go to settings > Security> Slide On App permissions
Add Permissions

This malware still under investigation. And still  we don’t know their main purpose and no reports of  hacked account. This is an alternative tutorial only to prevent installing unwanted app without permission. It’s up to you if you want to remove or ignore it. I  just warned you. And remember  the famous quote,”Prevention is better than Cure”.


  1. Hi

    I have froze the viruses but how can i stop the ads from popping up ?

  2. @Tman If you want to stop ads you can use app to block ads like adaway or adblocker

    • Papajack, I bought my SKK Lynx last April 30. Nasa v.1.3 pa lang siya noon. I update it through OTA yung version 1.4 to 1.5. No problem so far. But before I could update it to v.1.6, I became hesitant because of so many feedbacks that nakabootloop siya. Before I knew it, my Lynx caught the Monkey Test and Time Service Malware. Di ko ma-delete kaya I followed your instructions using Titanium Backup to freeze it. The two Malwares that were froze remained frozen so far, but may pumasok na naman ng isa pang Time Service Malware (dated June 21, 2015) everytime I turned on my phone. My CM Security app always ask me to delete it which I did, but, bumabalik ulit. Ngayon, I have (2) Time Service malware sa Cp ko of which (1) remained frozen while the other one keeps coming back. What Shall I do? Newbie lang ako sa Android though I was able to root my phone and do some tweakings. Thanks for your tutorials, it helps me a lot in understanding the works of an android device. By the way, nasa V.1.5 pa yung LYNX ko. Matatanggal ba yan when I update it to the "repaired" 1.6 version that the company is talking about? Nag-aalinlangan kasi ako.

  3. Papajack, I have a Lynx that was bought on April 30, 2015. It was still v.1.3 then. After updating to v.1.4 to 1.5 via OTA,, everything runs smoothly so far. But then, I was hesitant to update my phone to v.1.6 because of the bootloop comments that many Lynx user experienced. Before I knew it, my Lynx caught up with the Monkey Test and Time Service virus. I froze it using Titatium backup which you taught in this tutorial. So far, till now, Monkey test and Time Service remained frozen. However, everytime I turned my phone after a scheduled time off, another Time Service Malware infected my phone. Now, there are (2) "Time Service" in my phone's system wherein one remained frozen while the other keeps coming back even after deleting or after freezing it. What should i do? My phone is still in v.1.5. Will the virus go away if i updated it to the "fixed v.1.6* that the company is talking about? By the way, I'm a newbie in android, though I was able to root and do some tweaking in this phone. Your tutorials help me a lot in understanding the working of an Android system. Thanks a lot.

    • @zen
      I think you need to downgrade your SKK LYNX into v1.2 HERE which is the first version then flash the manual update of v1.6. HERE. Just follow this tutorial on how to flash stock rom or firmware HERE.

    • Papajack, I've downloaded the SKK v.1.2 Stock Rom rar. and the updated v.1.6 zip file in my PC, but I'm not so sure how flashing the stock rom works. But my Lynx is rooted & it has CTR recovery that I learned from your Blog site. What should I do? Can I just copy the stock rom and the updated version file in my sd card? Then Go to Recovery mode and Install "rar" (Stock Rom) on SD Card? Do I need to wipe data and/or cache? Kinakabahan pa rin kasi ako.

    • @Zen yes for clean install. Just factory reset after flashing the rom.

    • Hi Papajack, sorry to bother you again. I followed your instructions. I used Quickboot apk to enter into Recovery mode. Wipe cache/dalvik. Install zip from SD. But since the stock ROM is in "rar" format, my CTR v.2.7 can't access it. So I rebooted it again , go to my SD card where the ROM is located, convert it to "zip" format using my Fx File explorer. Now back to recovery mode, CTR recognized the "zip" stock ROM. But when I pressed to install the zipped ROM. It did some updating then suddenly aborted the installation. I did it thrice, same outcome. Don't know where I went wrong. It won't install. Then I made a full factory reset, wipe all datas and reboot again. Home Screen returned to its former state, as in brand new. I checked the applications in Settings. Didn't see Monkey Test apk, but only Time Service ( provider v.1.1.6 ). dated May 22. Good thing my phones' rooted status wasn't affected. So I reinstalled some important apks like Link2SD and Titanium backup. I froze Time Service using Link2Sd which was also reflected in Titanium Backup. As of this past few days, no additional virus infected my phone. I just hope it stays that way. I just like to ask again, is it safe to flash the updated v.1.6 zip file that you have ported in this blog? My phone is still in v.1.5 even after full data factory reset. Again, thank you for helping us solve many of the problems that Android phone users are facing. Keep up the good work..

    • Note: For flashing stock rom you need PC and SPFT tools. For custom recovery ctr2.7 you need flashable stock rom. There are different file format and you can't flash stock rom for SPFT to CTR2.7 or any custom recovery. Since my file deodex rom from jay navea only flashable stock rom to flash via CTR or any custom recovery.

    • Hi Papajack, thanks for your reply. Thank you also for the clarification of using SPFT Tool to flash the stock rom. Normally, I used SPFT Tool to create my phone's boot and recovery img. For far, I was able to succeed. For now, since Time Service apk. in my Lynx doesn't bother me anymore because of the freezing process, I will just stick to it and refrain from updating to the current version. My PC is in Windows 8, while your tutorial is in Windows 7. Since I'm a newbie in Android, I'm not confident enough that I will succeed in flashing the Rom, more so with the many unsuccessful attempt from the comments I've read. All in all, thank you so much for your tutorials that my concern about my Lynx have been resolved…Salamat ng marami…

    • Okey, will try though still anxious about doing it. Just asking, will flashing a new custom ROM fix the problem? Daming kasing custom rom ang na download ko para sa SKK Lynx. But don't know which is best..Thanks for the replys..I appreciate it very much..

  4. pano mag flash ng stock rom?

    yung sakin, after ko i update bigla na sya nag karon ng monkey test at time service, tapos hinayaan ko nlang, tas bigla na nag kakaron ng mga kung anu anu applications, like ng du battery savers easy touch easy locker, meron pang porn video, tas kung anu anu, kahit i un install ko bumabalik parin kpag ni rerestart ko yung phone ko, tapos kahit i hard reset ko, ala nangyayare at mas lalo pang dumarami yung applications,

    • @alexis
      How to flash just go to stock rom section download stock rom for your device and follow the procedure on how to flash HERE

  5. monkey test was freezed.but it still keeping installing unwanted apps

    • once you freezed it stop installing unwanted apps. make sure you freeze all malware

  6. My friend's phone has these two malwares also. They think i can help but i acutually don't know what to do. Can someone give me the best method to remove these malwares totally

  7. My friend's phone has these two malwares also. They think i can help but i acutually don't know what to do. Can someone give me the best method to remove these malwares totally

  8. my phone is infected with monkey test and time service.But now it continuously showing"Unfortunately, core has stopped".I cant do anything on my phone .Please help me.


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