How to restore your IMEI in android phone

This one of the problem encounter after flashing any rom , modding and etc. Invalid IMEI or lost IMEI? I have four methods on how to restore it when you lost your IMEI. What is IMEI? What is the reason why we need to restore it? Simply, IMEI have a big rule in your android device you can’t even text or call without it. Phone IMEI have unique 16 numbers made by manufacturer usually this numbers found in the back of the battery of your phone.
I also have tutorial on how to back up your IMEI you can proceed here.

Note: I’m not liable for any damage of your device. Do it at your own risk!

1. Using Manual. This are the simplest and easiest method. Using your phone only but not much more effective due to phone has different manufacturer and this method doesn’t work in any other phone esp. updated SOC’s. If not work just proceed in other method. 



Note: Some phone doesn’t  work this code *#*#84666364#*#* to go in engineering mode.
If nothing happens in code download MTK Engineering Mode in playstore then go Connectivity>Cds Information>Radio Information. Then proceed to step 3. 

2. Using Chamelephon, This is one easy method and can use via your phone and application only.
Thanks to chamelephon team for this useful android apps.Requirements:
Chamelephon (Download in Playstore HERE)

Check your IMEI in the back of battery then insert it in chamelephon box.

Chamelephon to fix imei
Grant SuperSU. Just click allow.


Chamelephon to fix imei 2

Then wait and Reboot.. Enjoy!


Chamelephon success fix imei


3. Using MTKDROID TOOLS. This one useful app can use to backup and restore IMEI. But it’s more complicated you need PC, USB cord and right driver for your device. Just download all the requirements below.

Mediatek Driver

Set your phone in USB debugging mode, then connect via USB cable.

Open mtkdroid tools
Click root then Grant SuperSU then wait to finish. 


You will notice your IMEI 1 and 2 are in 000000
Just replace your IMEI. Insert the number found in the back of your battery which  your IMEI 1 and IMEI 2. Click restore and Reboot!


4. Using Maui Meta, This much more complicated but effective. Just follow this tutorial and I have attach video for easy to understand.Procedure:

Power on phone
connect phone to PC
then turn off your phone
Open MAUI META tool
In Options trick 2 one ( Connect smart phone into a META mode)
press Reconnect
then insert cable
asking CDC drivers give him
after 1 min popup imei tool tab
then press ( Change NVRAM database file) and give it
then give both imei ( What u need like 35 or 911 etc )
then press Download to flash

Note :- 2 things mainly problem face all users
1. stock on cdc drivers ( i will attach this drivers )
2. Stock on (NVRAM database file) mostly user can’t select file that’s why field to write
Here is the link all BPLGU modem files All Mtk BPLGU Modem files for Imei change.rar
Here is the Latest Maui META tool
MauiMETA_3G_exe_v6.1316.1 MauiMETA_3G_exe_v6.1316.1.rar

Here is the detailed video’s

Invalid IMEI repair

Change IMEI


Note: For this tool change imei there’s no need to root your phone.

Rua1for mtkdroid
Dr Moosavi XDA
Chamelephon team

Special thanks:
Richard Cleofe for tester

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  1. Nice ONE……sunny bricked no imei after flash… since month of action….. U SAVE MY FUCKIN LIVE^^

  2. Sir, I downloaded and installed it. But I get only "Get Version" option in the box where ,in your video, it is shown as "IME download". The ply shows no other options. Also when phone was connected it does not ask for any drivers. So after opening MAUI tool I am unable to proceed further. Kindly help


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