This my third part of modding tutorial. You can learn how to change your contact background also your dial pad and you can change any images you want like in this images below. I choose cutest anime or anything you want. I also provided my sample contacts.apk at the download link to make it easy for you to understand. You need to back up first before to proceed in this tutorial it is possible that you can encounter an error if this happen you can restore your backup. So just follow it carefully.
Contacts Background Modding Tutorial
I am not resposible for any damage or soft/hard brick will happened to your device!
Android phone
1. Go to rootexplorer. Navigate to system/apps or system/priv-app then copy and extract your Contacts.Apk in MMC/SDCARD
2. Go to MMC > SpeedSoftware > Extracted > Contact.Apk > res > Drawable-nodpi
3. Go To Drawable-nodpi
4. Move and Replace the customized icons to the folder then overwrite it.
Note: This could be the same file name
5. Now, long press Contacts folder, Zip this folder.
6. Rename Contacts.Zip to Contacts.Apk
7. Ready to push in system. Make sure system folder is in Mount R/O.
8. Now, move Contacts.Apk to framework folder. Overwrite it.
9. Long press and change permission. into rw-r-r .
10. Reboot
For modding dial pad:
Dial Pad Modding
1. Go To Drawable-hdpi Or Drawable-xhdpi It Depends On Your Phone
2. After  Edit press Back You will see Res folder. Then Zip it .
3. Go To zip Rename to Apk.
4. Copy and Paste in System Apps folder
5. Long press and change permission. into rw-r-r
6. Now  Reboot .That’s it!
Download Link:
Sample contacts.apk: [CLICKHERE]Credits:


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