[TUT] Titanium Backup Pro via Luckypatcher

Titanium Backup is the most powerful backup tool on Android also one of the useful rooted apps.
This can help you to restore your app, data, contacts and messages.
Titanium Backup also Paid apps and you need to purchase the PRO version.

Titanium Backup Screenshot 5


This tutorial help you on how to upgrade your Titanium Backup into PRO apk and you can download Titanium Backup Pro for FREE via Luckypatcher.
Watch out review on how to use Titanium Backup:



1. Download and install busybox. Open and click install (not smart install)..then Reboot.
2. Download and install luckypatcher as well TitaniumBackup.
Open luckypatcher then tap Titanium Backup
Titanium Backup Screenshot 1

3. Navigate to Open Menu of Patches

Titanium Backup Screenshot 2

4. Tap Custom Patch

Titanium Backup Screenshot 3

5. Choose com.keramidas.TitaniumBackup. Then wait..

Titanium Backup Screenshot 4

6. Reboot your phone and open your Titanium Backup. 
As you notice You have pro version. 

Titanium Backup Screenshot 5

Enjoy! You can now backup and restore your apps,data, etc.

For restoring just like this in image below.
Click the Batch actions..

Titanium Backup Screenshot 6

Then you can choose if you want to restore only apps or system data..Which you can continue, example your game that save before and you want to restore it. This is how powerful this application. The best apps for backup and restore..

Titanium Backup Screenshot 7

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