Play Modern Combat 4 Multiplayer Local using P2P Connection
I’m going to share our trick on how to play Modern Combat 4 in Local Network without a LEGIT WIFI CONNECTION using Wifi Direct via Super Beam.Actually this old trick and for those who doesn’t know you can try this and play with your friends. I loved this game and promise you can enjoy this awesome game.

1.) Android OS 2.3 and up
2.) Rooted or Non-root Devices
3.) Modern Combat 4 v1.1.5 or v1.1.6 with data files

Modern Combat 4 Logo
Version 1.1.0 – 20mb
Version 1.1.5 – 13mb

Main OBB 1.1.0 :

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6
4.) SuperBeam


Instruction For The Server:

1.) Download and Install Superbeam and Unlocker to become Pro.2.) Open Superbeam (See Screenshot Below)

Superbeam Preview 1
3.) Now we will select a file to send to setup the WIFI DIRECT.
Superbeam Preview 2
4.) Wait to finish the Setup.
Superbeam Preview 3
5.) After the Setup you must see this.
In my Wifi Name: DIRECT-fB-MC4 Server
My password is Random Generated by Superbeam: DVTo9ggmRemember those because you need it in other device to connect in your WIFI DIRECT.

Superbeam Preview 4
6.) Now press the Home Button! Please do not Press the Back key this wil close the app.7.) Open Modern Combat 4 > Multiplayer > Local.

Modern Combat Preview 1
8.) Now Go to Armory and Customized your Weapons/Military Support/Skills
Modern Combat Preview 2
Modern Combat Preview 4
9.) Press “Play” and Create a Match.
Modern Combat Preview 5
10.) Now in “Create Custom Match” select your Map/Time/Score limit and etc etc.
After that tap Create.
Modern Combat Preview 5
11.) Wait the other players to connect.
Modern Combat Preview 6
12.) Wait to Load the Map.
Modern Combat Preview 7
13.) Now Select your weapon slot with your config weapons, military support.
Modern Combat Preview 8
14.) Now kill him with your Imba Moves.
Modern Combat Preview 9


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