Sorry guys but still have bug in Mounting CACHE but just ignore it..All features are work properly like Mounting in system,data,backup and Partitioning,

When I’m done I will release soon the update version
Updated CTR to Myphone Rio Fun Kitkat Screenshot 1


MobileUncle Tools
For v1.08
Recovery.img (4shared)
Recovery.img  (mediafire)
For v1.09
recovery_riofun_kk_v1.09(rename to recovery.img)Note: Check your custom build version to find out your version v1.08 or v1.09

Step 1: Install MobileUncle ToolsStep 2: Move the recovery.img in your SDCARD outside the folder which you can see easily.

Step 3: Open Mobile Uncle Tools Grant SuperSu
Click Recovery Update

Reboot into Recovery mode Click OK

Note: You will see a blue butterfly
Rename into recovery.img if still not work

You can now Mount system,data,backup and Partitioning.
If you want to make unli internal proceed here [Click Here] Same procedure in jellybean rio fun.

You can use my CWM BACKUP

Proceed this if you want to know how to restore your backup file [CLICK HERE]

Note:Please give a proper credit to me and don’t share it without sharing my blogs. Thank you!


  1. Recovery.img not working for Kitkat versions of Rio fun. Won't enter recovery mode. Please review your tutorial. Nice blog though, keep it up.

    • Sorry for this matter, I didn't know why does some phone with same specs not work properly but others work well. This are tested by my team and group as well as mine. If you want proof I have youtube vid regarding this.

    • No need for proof, I'm assuming you have tested your tutorial first before posting it. 🙂 Anyway, I'm just wondering if you bought your Rio Fun with stock Jellybean or Kitkat version on it? This recovery.img here did not work for the Rio fun I'm working on, (bought it with stock Kitkat). Perhaps yours was an upgraded version? Thanks for all your efforts, nice blog. I admire you for giving credits to administrators of Rio fun in Facebook.

    • This is work well in my kitkat not an updated version. I've found out that rio fun kitkat has different build number and version, I think this the reason why some other not work because of not the same kernel. If you know how to dump Just send me your recovery.img and boot.img I will try to make you CTR when I'm not busy just post the link here in my thread. Cheers!

  2. Sorry for this matter, I didn't know why does some phone with same specs not work properly but others work well. This are tested by my team and group as well as mine. If you want proof I have youtube vid regarding this.

  3. hindi lumilitaw ung butterfly na ganyan saakin….. can you give me tips….?
    pag i boboot recovery update ko ung dati padin ang lumilitaw…

    • Like what I said. I didn't know why some not work. I think rio fun kitkat version are not all the same build version or build number that found in settings then about phone.

  4. Cnu po tga cavite po na mrunong magaunli internal memory ng Rio fun ko papaaus ko po

  5. Papajack paki update/upgrade/fix po ung ctr kasi kapag gusto kung eh restor ung backup ko kinacopy ko pa ung md5 at nilalagay sa /sdcard/clockwrdmod/backup/no.ngbackup kaya kung minsan pag nakalimot ako mag lagay ng md5 nag bobootloop si rio fun ko… Sana ma fixed nio na po pati ung backuping ng cache

    • @Arp
      Sorry wala na kasi ko device na rio fun kya hindi n ko mkpag fix p nito.

  6. @Papajack Gemperle may Rio Fun po ako V1.09 nawala po ung About Phone sa settings at un Play Store ndi ko n po maInstall din after ko po mag expand ng memory(Failed ang expanding). Ano po ba dapat kong gawin salamat po. 🙂 sana po makapagreply kpo 😀

  7. Papajack ito bang CWM BACKUP mo ano ba version nian try ko sana baka maayos un phone ko. ty

  8. Hindi ma-flash yung custom recovery sa Fun KK v1.08 unit ko. My unit's rooted via Kingroot. I already tried flashing via mobile uncle, flashify, and rashr. Unfortuntely, none of them worked. any suggestions?

    • Just follow the procedure in a posted above on how to restore your backup

  9. Salamat po sir gumana yung recovery pero sir pwede na po ba ako mag unli internal na partion ko na din mo sd card ko

  10. tanong lang boss pwedi POba 2 pang install o pang flash ng costum rom

  11. Sir Good day, My phone is in Kitkat version but it is not working after i flash. Can you help me sir?

  12. Thanks to u bro! Alive na ang rio fun v2 1.09 kk even the imei no probs at all….flawless and smoth , hope u made update about the mount error…again thank You!


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