Koala Rom V1 Uncooked ~ ported to myphone rio fun v1 (JB only)
Koala Rom Screenshot 1


  • Fully odexed rom for performance.
  • Long lasting battery tweak.
  • Performance Boost, speed tweak.
  • Ram tweak, for multitasking. (There are lots of better Ram tweaks you can flash than the one I am using).
  • Tweak for smooth transitions.
  • Loading of applications tweaks.
  • Built in external – internal storage link. (Explanation Below)

Have you ever experienced having ghost storage? Wherein even though you have the “Unli-Internal” Tweak, and you still have a lot of spaces left on your sd card (alternate storage/internal), you end up not being able to install any apps any longer due to insufficient storage error?

It is because there is no such thing as unli internal. Upon developing the Koala rom, I stumbled upon studying the scripts rendered by this technique. Logically-wise, it looks like you have unlimited internal since the values in the app/setting in our phone do not change or on negative values.

The real concept is this: For every 100mb internal, you can use 512mb external. That is the reason why upon reaching a 512mb limit, we end up having insufficient storage regardless of the fact that we still have a lot on our sd card.

So to make things easier, this rom has a built in External – Internal Storage of the same limit. No more steps to follow, just use this rom.If you have any questions with regards to this matter, kindly contact me 🙂

REMINDER! Please make sure to back your NVRAM folder or IMEI before Flashing this one!
How to backup your imei [CLICK HERE]
Flash it with your own RISK!!!
I am not responsible for any damage or soft/hard brick will happened to your device!

Download Link:
Mirror Link :
How to flash this ROM?
1. Go to Recovery Mode CWM/CTR (Carliv Touch Recovery)
2. Wipe>Wipe Preflash> Wipe all
3. Mount System and data
4. Install Zip>Choose Zip from SD card>Flash
5. Wait until the process will be completed


    • sorry for this matter due to increased traffic in domain they can't accommodate the download link. I'll try to reupload in other domain. thanks

  1. ^ Pwedeng pwede. 🙂 I am the developer of the rom btw 🙂

    But make sure you make a back up okay?

    Unfortunately, I do not have any copy of the previous roms i released. Since I am on the Rio 2 Group already.


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