How to root your Myphone Rio Fun V1 Android 4.2 JB

It’s sounds familiar right? But did you know what is root?. What are the main purpose why our android phone need to be root?. This is not root that see in the plants or trees, just kidding.
Ok guys, I will teach you how to root before that what root means? If you heard like symbian OS phone need to be hacked and Iphone or IOS need to be jailbreak, this what I mean, android must need to be rooted. The main reason some application are not capable to install if you are not rooted and some of this application are very useful in your phone. Is like a manager if you are rooted and you are the boss of your phone. Because android phone has restrictions to the system when you are rooted you can modify and manipulate it without permisions. Just like a manager or a boss. You can do what ever you want in your phone. I will post later my top 10 rooted apps that are very useful and need of your android phone..Ok gotcha..


Framaroot 1.4.1

(search in google playstore latest version)

Step: Just install SuperSu and click baharir! Reboot That’s it

Note: You will notice you have SuperSU apps installed in your phone.

Framaroot Rooting

Then verify

Download Rootchecker in playstore

install rootcheker then open

Click Verify Root Access

If show Congatulations  This device has root access and now you are success then jump now!..just



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